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I've been on the run my whole life. Hiding didn't feel real until my fathers disappeared, and my mother sent my brother and me to Earth. By ourselves. At age eight.

Regardless to say, I was a little messed up. My fear of Lucifer enslaving me was crippling. Talking to strangers, yeah, right. Showing emotions, not if I can help it. Protective instincts for the weak, on fucking steroids. Relationships are not going to happen.

Did the Light Souls Council care? Nope. My demon side made me a Dark Soul. Someone not worthy of rights. Even worse, if they knew what kind of demon I was, they'd kill me. So, I shut my mouth and followed the enforcers into a place of nightmares. Hell.

I was now a prisoner, a student at Dark Souls Academy for half-demons. My main goal was to survive, but my secret made it difficult. Power was everything in the demon world, and demons would do anything to climb the ladder of power.

Thankfully, I had a few people on my side. I have to take care of two lower-level demons and two outcast men who feel right in every way. Even three off-limit brothers, but I didn't count them. They had a mate, and I wouldn't go there.

But can I trust these people, though? Or would they be more power-hungry demons waiting for the perfect opportunity to betray me? If I survived, anyway.


Urban Fantasy 18+
This is a full-length Why Choose Paranormal Romance novel. There are Trigger Warnings. This book takes place in Hell, with demons. So, it contains violence, adult language, and strong conduct. There's also abuse, murders, mental health disorders, illnesses, and a second character cheating. It ends on a cliffhanger.

The FMC has a hero complex and fights her feelings, so she may cause you some frustration. This is to protect the people she cares for. She feels alone and doesn’t understand that people are willing to help her. Learn more on the author note page.



The Blood Widow

The spirit.png

The Blood Widow bathes in shades of crimson.

Saint Louis was a poisonous pit of death and treachery. Instead of hiding like all the rest, I became the Blood Widow. Killing the scum of the world wasn’t a hardship for me, though. The darkness inside of me thrived on death.

It was a lonely life, but I’ve learned throughout the years that getting attached only leads to heartbreak. My walls cracked when I met Cole. He was strong and a protector, like me. If anyone could survive at my side, it was him, right?

Wrong. According to a seer, he’d die if he stayed with me. So, I did what any sensible woman would do for the man she was falling in love with. I broke his heart. The anger in his eyes almost shattered my soul, but if he was mad at me, it meant he’d live.

Six months later, I ended up in the same safe house as him and his friends. Friends who called to me the way Cole always did. Something in my soul wanted them. Ezra and Dominic weren’t for me either. I wouldn’t be the reason someone good died again. I couldn’t. It’d break me.

I escape, but not for long. Cole wants answers, and his friends are right beside him. With every touch and heated glance, I lose more of my control. These men don't understand what they’re asking me to do.

I’m a killer, a demon, a person who thrives in the darkness alongside the other monsters, but I’m not soulless. I would never condemn them to death just to be happy for a little while. Besides, war is coming, and it might end the Blood Widow.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face and then say to yourself, I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.


By Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote was put in The Smokiest Grave

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