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The Dark Soul's Academy

Coming November 8, 2022

Ivy here. I'm pretty badass being a powerful half-succubus and fae in all. But I've been running my whole life, though, but things are changing on Earth. Demons are being hunted. Even with all my training and precautions, I'm still found. I end up in the one place I swore I'd never go again, Hell.

At a fucking school... Prison is more like it. 

Ugh! Luck has never been on my side. 

Now, I need to figure out the balance between hiding from Lucifer and showing my power level to the school to keep the other demons from attacking me. In Hell, power is everything which I have a lot of, but I don't have a lot of freedom to use my demon magic. I can end up dead or enslaved by the Devil if I mess this up. 

Good thing there are some sexy men willing to help me. Kind of...

Hey, a girls gotta eat, right? 

 I just need to be careful that's all it is with these men because I refused to be like my mom and get people I care about killed. No matter who is my mate or in my faction, Lucifer will kill them all, if he gets a whiff of me. So, NO making connections. 

I'm a demon after all. How hard can it be? 

This book has a trigger warning. It contains adult conduct, language, and situations. There is death, sexual assault, mental heal issues,  and slavery.

#Reverse Harem

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