A werewolf mystery series that'll have you up all night. It's steamy and action-filled. Follow Piper on her journey as she uses her behavioral education to solve crimes and fight demons. 


The Wolf Oath

Piper Heart's life is torn apart with the murder of her sister. Dragged down by loss and hopelessness, it takes Piper's best friend Nina, dragging Piper from her bed and putting her on a plane to Eastern Norway to bring her out of her fugue. Ready to commune with her sister in nature, Piper settles in at a campground, but before she can begin the ritual she intends to use, she finds herself under attack. A pack of wolves descends, and Piper is helpless to stop them.

The next thing she knows, she is being thrust into the world of werewolves. Forced to find her mates and help catch a murderer. Piper notices an abundance of startling similarities in the case they are pursuing and her own sister's murder. Is it a coincidence, or could this case be connected to one other side of the world?

Will Piper successfully navigate her new life, solve the murders, and discover the answers to the questions that never stop haunting her?

Don't Miss Out On This Werewolf Murder Mystery Series.

This novel contains violence, adult language, and strong conduct.
Urban Fantasy Novel 18+