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ISBN: 979-8650948780

Werewolf men are desperate to find a mate. So, they come out of hiding and reveal themself to humans. They offer to help protect humans for the right to go mate hunting.

I do not know why, but the human government agrees. This means, in every big city in the United States must take part in a mate lineup while men sniff us. I'm super fucking excited.

Every female of a certain age has to go to one lineup, and this is mine. Since running and hiding will make me a slave to the werewolves, I suck it up and stand in the stupid line. But the bastards like my scent paying too close attention to me. I swear, if anyone of them even mumbles the word mate, I'll lose my shit.

The problem is, my best friend Brit wants to attend more. I'm a little overprotective, but I don't stand in her way. Not until they put their hands on her and throw her out. Now, I'm pissed. I make a deal with Brit. I'll attend a few of her lineups and go to the biggest lineup at the Gallo with her to protect her from the assholes. But if she doesn't find a mate, it's time to date human men and leave the hairy ones alone.

She agrees.

The question is, am I making the right choice by getting near more wolves? They liked my scent too much. What if, by showing up, I somehow get caught up in their world? I have a non-human secret that needs to stay buried. Or I could end up buried as well, like my father.


I can't think like that. This is my chance to save my werewolf-loving friend from getting hurt. She's so desperate for a mate, she's throwing her life away at those stupid lineups. I won't let that happen.

Fingers crossed she doesn't find a mate... Or worse, that I don't find one because I might get stabby. I'm already using my cage-fighting skills to teach these pups a lesson. I have no problem getting my hands even dirtier.

Urban Fantasy 17+
This series is 50,000 words and is a fun paranormal romance where the female doesn't have to choose between men. She's protective, strong, and powerful. This book has adult language and conduct. It also ends on a cliffhanger.

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