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I write paranormal romance. There are always trigger warnings. My books have death, blood, sexual violence, adult conduct, spicy sex scenes, adult language, and mental illness. But they always have great messages and strong female roles.  
The author, Tosha Y. Miller
Paranormal Romance
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Publishes on July 11, 2023

Do men stand outside your house demanding to please you during your heat? Even if you don't want them to.


No. Well, aren't you lucky? They won't leave me alone. Punching them doesn't work. Kicking them in the balls helps, but they keep coming back. 


I'm an alpha female. I'm rare and a prize to be won. Good thing I can handle myself. Teaching men to respect me is a full-time job. I'm pretty good at it, though.

Things change when our village leader demands that every family give over a female. He wants more strong females to choose from, and the only way to create an alpha that isn't born as one... 


Try to kill them and see if they're strong enough to survive.

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