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This will be the new The Smokiest Grave cover. It will have all three books in it.

The Smokiest Grave

Being republished to fix any errors. 

The Unnaturals Series

Cat is a strong female character that has been abused by someone she trusted. Even as a top-ranked investigator, Cat is lonely. So, what started as an awkward blind date, turns into a fight for her life. One she's going to lose. Luckily, for her Hendrick happens to be walking passed the alley a demon is attacking Cat. Little does he know, Cat is going to be a part of his new mission to save his people and stop the world from turning tan. Nobody needs real zombies walking around. They both have issues, but if they can pull their heads out of their asses, they might be perfect for each other.    



The Unnaturals Series

The Smokiest Grave

ISBN: 9781513633015


In a time when mystical beings are hunted, Cathleen Spurlock is forced to keep her magical abilities hidden from the rest of the world. By doing so, she is viewed as a highly skilled human and able to become a top ranked investigator respected by all.

After years of struggling with her horrific past, she can finally see the perfect life she has always wanted, in her near future. That is, until the Gods need her to embark on a dangerous journey that could reveal her darkest secret or worse, get her killed. Now, she has to choose to stay in her comfortable bubble of lies or take the mission and risk everything.

When she meets Hendrick, a powerful, mysterious Dragonvire—half vampire and half dragon warrior of the Gods—who saves her from a malicious demon, her decision is made. Now, she is duty-bound to help him solve a kidnapping.

Together, they hope to save the fallen warrior and stop a monstrous premonition from happening that could destroy all their lives.


The Darkest Grave

ISBN: 9781513646527

The world is in a slump from the war of the Unnaturals and Naturals. Nothing is what it once was, buildings are barely standing, technology is almost nonexistent, and magical beings are being hunted.

Cat once hid in the shadows pretending to be a Natural but all that is over now. She is stuck in the unfamiliar Unnaturals world. To save her life Dragonvire Hendrick turned her into a vampire. So, there is no hiding anymore. She is a Sapphire vampire hybrid that is having trouble controlling herself and wielding her magic.

Hendrick is doing his best to prepare her for survival, but it's hard when Hunters are at their heels constantly. Time is running out, they need to stop a blood curse from happening to save magic, save his brother, and to save the world as they know it.

People are dying, friendships are being tested, and fear's icy grip has its claws in everyone. Can they make it in time? Or will their weaknesses get the best of them?


The Coldest Grave

ISBN: 9781513666341

A century ago, the world was torn apart by a bloody war. And the world never recovered. No truce holds between the magical Unnaturals or the magicless Naturals, and each group seems determined to exterminate the other.

Daughter of a forgotten goddess, Cat Spurlock has just found Hendrick, the love of her life. But Hendrick is a Dragonvire, and to mate with him she must become his Queen. If that weren’t enough, her power is growing, and poses as much of a threat to herself as to others.

She hopes her skills are enough for the responsibility and the battle to come.

The Unnaturals number one enemy are the Hunters, who intend to perform a blood curse that will rid the entire world of magic and destroy everyone. Part of their curse re-quires the life of Cat’s mom. All Cat has to do is to unite clashing factions of Unnaturals, form a ragtag army, get them inside a fortified city, and stop hundreds of Hunters from achieving their purpose. That’s not too hard, is it?

And how is a girl supposed to save the world when her mate is so sexily distracting?



Hidden Ancient Magic

The Unnatural World

This Goddess started out as a human. She sacrificed everything for the greater good.


The author is not sure if this will ever become a book, but she hopes that it will. 

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