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Are you a writer?

Get an Awesome Notebook

Hey writers, here are a few gift ideas for you. I've created these fun journals on canva. These are lined-paper journals. They are travel-sized and perfect for school or a purse. Take them to starbucks or the library.

I hope you enjoy them!

Notebook one


This is the I Create Life. I'm an Author! notebook. These designs were created on canva and are lined paper.

This notebook is for anyone, not just writers or authors.

Notebook Two

This notebook is a fun design was created for, but not limited to, writers and authors. Tosha Y. Miller used canva to create this. The I'm a writer, Beware! notebook is a lined paper travel sized gift.

I hope you enjoy!


Notebook Three

This notebook was created on canva. It had lined paper and is travel sized. This can be a gifted for all. 

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